Tim Forrest’s Bio reads: I have been writing about art and antiques in London since 1995. Before that I worked for Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers. I have also written/contributed to books on antiques. Please note that I receive no financial gain for writing this blog. “The grandest blogger in London” – Press at 25 Blythe Road

On his visit to Arundells Tim says:

‘My visit made a lasting impression and I would readily accept an offer to live there just as it is, because it’s a happy house of taste, comfort and history.  I can quite understand why Sir Edward fell in love with it at first sight and for us visitors today it is extremely fortunate that he was able to acquire the lease in 1992 and that he formed a charitable trust which allows us to share in the delights of Arundells and to remember Sir Edward, the man.’

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