Photographs Copyright John Rose

In the wake of her announcement to step down as Member of Parliament for Maidenhead, Theresa May was warmly received by The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation during her visit to Salisbury. Embarking on a tour of the Arundells, Mrs May was guided through the historic house and picturesque gardens by trustees Edward Bickham and Peter Batey. Mrs May engaged with a group of eager students from local schools, who were keen to glean insights from her tenure as Prime Minister. There was plenty of interest from students to meet an ex PM, and they had prepared plenty of questions to put to her.

Proceedings then moved to Salisbury’s Guildhall for Mrs May’s keynote address on the pressing issues surrounding Russia and international security. The audience filled the hall to capacity, eagerly awaiting her perspective on these crucial matters.

Mrs May delivered a thought-provoking speech, drawing from her wealth of experience in diplomacy and governance. Her articulate analysis shed light on the complexities of geopolitical dynamics, offering invaluable perspectives on navigating the intricate web of international relations.

Following her address, Mrs May fielded questions from the attentive audience.

For those unable to attend the event, a transcript of Mrs May’s compelling speech at The Guildhall is available for download, offering a comprehensive account of her nuanced perspectives on Russia and international security.