The Friends of Arundells

The Friends of Arundells was an organization founded in 2010 by a few committed people who, like many in the country, did not wish for Arundells and its valuable contents to be sold and lost forever.

Tony Burnside, a committed Conservative and devotee of Sir Edward Heath, brought together a group of volunteers to form a campaign group to stop the sale and help put together a plan, as was Sir Edward’s wishes as expressed in his Will. Peter Batey, one of Edward Heath’s former Private Secretaries, had also learnt of this proposal to sell and so began a campaign to give Arundells a new lease of life.

The early volunteer group stewarding in the house and managing simple tasks were all Friends of Arundells members, mainly 25 or so locally but nationally the tally of supporters grew to 360. Nowadays, under a different and professional management team, the volunteers are enlisted through promotional campaigns or join through their own interest shown, probably after a personal visit to the House.


The house was originally a medieval canonry, with the first recorded occupant being Henry of Blunston, Archdeacon of Dorset, who lived here from 1291 until his death in 1316.


The peaceful garden extends to around two acres in total, with lawns, mature trees, shrubbery and borders and includes sculpture by G E Wade and the bow of Morning Cloud III.


Arundells Collection includes works by well known artists, ceramics, gifts from world leaders, hand painted Chinese wallpaper and Morning Cloud scale model yachts.


Arundells events include talks, music concerts and recitals, seasonal outdoor theatre, children's events and Christmas events.

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